What Every Employer Ought To Know About Training and Arming their Employees with Personal Finance Training to effortlessly Increase Productivity and with it… the Corporate Bottom-line

            Watch this video to see how you can do it by empowering                  employees to manage their money better

According to research…

  • 15 to 30 percent of employees have financial problems severe enough to negatively affect his or her productivity.
  • A financially stressed employee spends an average of 20 hours of work time on his or her personal financial problems. (That’s time they could’ve used to focus on their work – instead of always agitating for loans or salary increments)
  • Financially stressed employees are the prime candidates for leaving current employers in search of a higher pay and are more than likely to misuse or steal employer resources or collude with outsiders to do so.

All these tendencies increase employer costs by… A LOT!

And if no action is taken to rectify this problem and FAST – your company will eventually dig itself into a financial ruin.

And this is where we come in!

We’ve been in this game since 1998 and honed our chops in helping employers achieve their missions by empowering their employees to streamline their finances, achieve realistic financial goals and build a better life of higher productivity and more satisfaction through providing them with quality personal finance training, counseling and guidance.

Working with top corporations all over the country and beyond for more than TWO decades we’ve found that nothing is more powerful than a nudge in the right direction to a truly determined individual. And it’s even more powerful in the hands of committed employees.

Numbers Speaks for Themselves!

From numerous independent reports on our financial wellness trainings; managers responded to the following improvement attributed to our trainings:

  • 62% reported fewer requests for sick leave
  • 40% reported fewer requests for salary advances
  • 32.3% reported higher motivation and enthusiasm for work
  • 28.7% reported fewer conflicts it the workplace

There’s real power in seeing what others cannot and banishing the idea of “entitlement” from your employees to create a THRIVING workplace.

So unless your employees are already…

  • Living a debt-free life and are stress-free
  • Actively seeking for more responsibility without badgering you for raise and salary advances
  • Transforming behaviors that negatively affect their job performance
  • Thought of their selves as “part of the company” instead of just an employee with a “paycheck” each month
  • Stop requesting for a sick day after sick day
  • Enthusiastically looking for new ways to transform your organization and coming to you with NEW ideas to make it happen

…then you really want to take us up on training your employees.

There are A LOT of opportunities and breakthroughs you’re currently missing out on every day you delay giving your employees the tools to reach their financial and personal goals.

So if you really want to:

  • Increased employee productivity
  • Lower employee turnover
  • Reduced pressure for salary increments and advances
  • Reduced absenteeism and presenteeism (physically present but not engaged)
  • Increased your employees’ allegiance to YOU
  • Reduced incidences of employee theft
  • Enhanced corporate social responsibility
  • Change behaviors that negatively affect job performance


What Is Convenience for You?

We can deliver personal finance training either by traditional LIVE Classes or via our Moneyskills Online Video Course platform.

With the Live Training, our team of high impact trainers presents a half-day or one-day classroom training programme to your employees.

Your employees will get to meet and come directly to us with any financial issues they are currently battling with and get a custom solution IMMEDIATELY at the venue.

Remember, we’ve been doing this for over two decades, so this is literally our stomping ground – where ONLY results gets a vote.

Our Innovative Moneyskills Online Platform

Our Moneyskills Online course is an engaging, interactive learning platform specifically designed to improve participants’ financial capabilities.

The course is based on the same curriculum that has been widely recognized for its ability to connect with participants, equip them with proven tools and inspire them to take positive financial action.

And it’s completely cost-effective as it enables the employer to provide training for a large number of employees without interrupting work schedules or paying for training venues, meals, transportation and other costs that arise from live trainings.

It is a flexible resource that affords privacy and is available to the employee 24 hours a day. And we can provide the employer with data relating to usage and progress of each individual participant.

We do not need to remind you how valuable this is to your organization or how you get to drastically increase employee productivity, reduced staff turnover and lower other HR costs.

Use the enrollment form below to find out what your employees are truly capable of!