Author: Manyara Kirago

May 22

How To Recognize A Gambling Problem

Sports betting and other forms of gambling have taken a firm grip of many young Kenyans and gambling addiction is a real danger. In this article, we see how to recognize whether a loved one has a gambling problem and what to do about it. Click Here to Watch Video on YouTube. Betting and gambling […]
May 15

How to Take Advantage Of Unit Trusts

Do you want to invest in stocks at the Nairobi stock exchange but don’t know how? Do you find the prospect of deciphering financial jargon daunting? How about I show you a simple, easy to implement way in which you can invest even a few thousand shillings a month and over time build your wealth […]
Apr 30

How to become debt free

Do you hesitate to take calls from unfamiliar numbers? Do you ignore, or even worse, delete emails from people or organizations you owe money? Does an unfamiliar stranger knocking at your door on Saturday morning set your heart fluttering? If you are deeply in debt, but still have an income, it is time you freed […]
Apr 19

Wisdom is better than silver or gold

What would you do differently, if, somehow your life were rewound five, ten, or even 20 years back? Would you have furthered your education perhaps? Would you have started a business? Would you have made that investment you missed or maybe acted on a piece of advice that you now regret not having acted upon? […]
Apr 10

Why Personal Finance Books Do Not Help

Do you have spent a ton of money buying and many hours reading personal finance books? Do the works Robert Kiyosaki, David Bach, Suze Orman, Thomas Stanley and others line your library? Do you read every personal finance column you can lay your hands on and spend endless hours on-line visiting personal finance websites? CLICK […]
Apr 3

Stumbling Block to Financial Success

Stumbling blocks to financial success Have you ever met a long lost friend and felt sorry for them because it was obvious that they were not doing well and life had not been kind to them? On the other hand, have you ever felt a bit awkward about your circumstances in the presence of an […]
Mar 20

Never Be Broke Again

Do you have a good income but are always broke? Have you been working for years but have little to show for it? Today, we look at how to break the feast or famine syndrome, begin to build your wealth and never be broke again. Click Here to Watch Video. A week after payday, most people […]
Jul 10

Why You Should Budget

Almost without fail, someone in our training sessions says they do not see the importance of budgeting and that they earn too little to budget. My response is always the same: Budgeting is one of the important keys to financial success. Many people are often put off by the simple term “budget”. They associate it […]
Apr 2

Employee Personal Financial Training

Are you missing out on a free opportunity to learn about personal finance at your place of work? Five short years ago, personal financial management training for employees was not even on the menu of most human resource professionals. Over time however, it has become clear that providing financial management skills to employees is not […]