Month: February 2017

Feb 21

A Financially Secure Retirement

Your retirement should be your golden years when you can guide and counsel your growing family and become a solid pillar of your society. This is hard to do when suffering the indignity of financial want. Put in place the pillars of your financial independence while you still have time. To do this, you need […]
Feb 21

A Roof Over Your Head

For many, home ownership is a major life goal. However, with the high house prices, high interest rates and many confusing offers, one needs a good plan to end up with a home that brings joy and a sense of belonging rather than stress and heartbreak.
Feb 19

Emergency Funds

You are driving home from work one evening and your normally reliable car starts making weird noises before grinding to a halt. The breakdown vehicle tows it to the garage and you take a cab home. The next day, your mechanic announces that the repairs will cost you eighty thousand shillings. No matter how well […]
Feb 13

Be Careful Where You Invest

Most enlightened people are waking up to the fact that investing is a central pillar of personal financial success. However, in order to invest, one must first have an income then save some of that income. In order to do that, you have to obey the first commandment of personal finance – Thou shall spend […]
Feb 6

Is Debt Destroying your Life?

Excessive debt can result in more than just loss of sleep, it can literary kill you. Sustained high stress levels can lead to ailments of all kinds. Stress caused by harassment by creditors who will hound you with threatening letters telephone calls and attachment of your property. You become susceptible to panic attacks when the […]